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How we can charge battery for Fujifilm cameras?

In Fujifilm world, we can charge batteries in many ways, but I am not sure if you already know all of them.

List of options

  1. original Fujifilm charger
  2. in camera with USB cable
  3. USB charger
  4. battery grip

Original battery charger

This may be a most common option used for charging batteries and for some of the cameras it is only one possible option.

Fujifilm BC-W126 Battery Charger


  • it is standard part of a package when you buy a Fujifilm camera
  • output charging current 650mAh


  • it is one more item you have to package when you traveling
  • it is connected directly to a plug so you must have a right connector according to a country
  • price about 50USD

Charging in camera with USB

The second option is not available for all Fujifilm cameras – it’s work only with Fujifilm X-T2, X100T and X30. But with these 3 models you can charge camera with USB cable so same way as we using e.g. for charging smartphones.


  • you need only standard micro USB cable and USB charger – you can use same as for your smartphone
  • you can charge camera directly from a powerbank
  • charging time depends on USD charger
  • price could be 0USD


  • you have to connect USB directly to camera so you can’t use your camera during charging

USB charger

This is a combination of the best from previous two options – you can charge batteries outside camera and need only standard micro USB cable. There are a couple of producers of this kind of charger, unfortunately the Fujifilm don’t produce something of this.

USB charger


  • you can use your camera during charging – if you have two batteries
  • using standard micro USB cable
  • lightweight for traveling
  • price about 7USD


  • output charging current 500mAh – lower value then original Fujifilm – charging will be slower
  • don’t using 4 pins, so don’t have any protection against overheating (more about battery pins in other article)

Battery grip

Last option will be used for at least, but for someone it could be right choice. Battery grip isn’t only charger but also addition source of power for you Fujifilm camera. E.g. X-T2 battery grip extend power source to 3 batteries together.

Battery Grip X-T2


  • it isn’t only charge but also extend source of power for camera


  • charging only batteries in the grip – not battery in camera
  • not so good for traveling – you have to package battery grip and also power adapter
  • price 330USD


As you can see we have a couple of options how to charge batteries for Fujifilm cameras what is great especially in comparison with other camera producer. It is hard to say what is the best for all and I can’t do this recommendation.

For my purpose I using combination of external USB charger and sometimes use same micro USB cable for charging from powerbank – especially when I am outside city and don’t have access to electricity.

Leave you suggestion in comments.


  • Hi,
    I’m a X-T2 user. I also thought to charge my X-T2’s battery with a MI 20000 mah powerbank2. But little bit confused.Are you sure that this battery can be charged with a powerbank.Kindly help me. Thanks in advance.

    • I’ve just tried it and it works with this setup: MI 10400mAh + micro USB 2.0 cable + X-T2. Try it with different powerbank or cable, because it should work.

        • Charging via battery pack is almost same as charging via computer/laptop and it is officially supported. So I think you may not afraid to use it. And it brings me to one more suggestion. What about if you try to charge camera from computer/laptop. It is works or not?