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Meaning of a Fujifilm’s battery pins symbols

You may haven’t noticed that Fujifilm’s batteries have three or four pins. Or you knew it, but you didn’t know why it has such count of pins. I would like to share some information about this because often it isn’t clear.

Battery with three pins

Nowadays most common Fujifilm’s batteries have three pins:

  1. plus pin (+) is the battery’s positive terminal
  2. minus pin (-) is the ground terminal
  3. temperature pin (T) is the temp line back to the device – this pin is able to measure battery temperature and send it into charger or camera to prevent overheating

You can see them in the picture also with symbols in the circle.

Fujifilm NP-45S - battery with 3 pins

Battery with four pins

Some batteries have four pins. These are used by Fujifilm especially for bigger cameras (X-T1/T2).  This one more pin is named as “S” and it isn’t easy to find out something about it. I found only the information about that this pin is the communication line back to the device but I wasn’t successful with finding something more.

Fujifilm NP-W126 - battery with 4 pins

Do you have more information about (S) pin or any other information related to battery’s pins? If yes, please let me know in a comment below or send a message.

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