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What basic USB remote shutter release we should use for a Fujifilm camera

Especially for long exposure photography, we need a wire remote shutter release and we have a couple of options how to resolve it.

What are our options

  1. We can use a remote shutter from a different camera which we already have – e.g. I have one Canon remote shutter release named as ES60-E3 and it has 2,5mm jack connector which is present on both my Fujifilm cameras (X100T and X-T2) and it works well.
  2. Buy original release RR-90 by Fujifilm and it will cost about $30, so for basic kind of accessories, it isn’t so cheap. This release using micro USB connector.
  3. Buy original replacement and in this article, I would like to introduce you one of China produces – JJC

More about the option 3) – Non-original replacement

As I wrote above we can buy an original replacement and one of them which has good quality by my opinion is shutter release from producer JJC.

JJC shutter release for Fujifilm specs

  1. Micro USB connector
  2. Two stage release button: halfway pressing for auto focus
  3. Complete pressing takes the picture
  4. Lock the button for long exposures or continuous shooting
  5. Prevents the camera from shaking
  6. Price about $10, so approx. 3 times cheaper than original ones
  7. Decent quality with regard to the price
Pros (comparison with the original)
  • 3x lower price ($10 vs. $30)
  • 10 cm longer cable (90cm vs 80cm)
  • 16g lower weight (28g vs. 44g)
Cons (comparison with the original)
  • worst plastic material
  • bigger size

Where could we buy it

From the global perspective we could use amazon:

or you can try your local sellers.

My Conclusion

I can suggest buying JJC replacement instead original Fujifilm. I have one for a couple of months and it works well.

Did you buy another shutter release and have a good/bad experience? Please share it with others in comments below.

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